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Embark on a journey through the vibrant history of Grelen Nursery, where passion for plants meets a vision for growth and beauty. Founded by Dan Gregg, a man whose love for greenery traces back to his earliest memories, Grelen Nursery sprouted its roots in 1990. Leaving behind a career in banking, Dan ventured to Orange County and planted the seeds of his dream on a corner of his grandparents' cattle farm.

As local demand blossomed, Dan welcomed Zeke Galvin as a partner in 1997, expanding the nursery's landscape offerings. The duo's ambitions soared in 2003 with the acquisition of a 200-acre farm in Somerset, Virginia, marking the dawn of a new chapter. Over the next five years, Grelen flourished, adding adjacent properties to its portfolio.

Today, Grelen Nursery stands as a breathtaking 1000-acre sanctuary, cultivating hundreds of tree, shrub, and plant varieties. Renowned for its top-tier products and services, the nursery's legacy of excellence continues to thrive after 27 years.

In 2010, inspired by accolades for the nursery's layout and scenic vistas, the idea of a destination garden market was sown. Berries and fruit trees were planted, a farmhouse was revitalized, and gardens adorned the landscape, giving birth to The Market at Grelen. Leslie Gregg, Dan's wife, joined the venture, adding a retail shop and focusing on opening up the beautiful property to the public.

In April 2013, The Market at Grelen blossomed into a European-style garden shop, captivating visitors with its charm. Evolving over time, it soon became a sought-after wedding venue, prompting the installation of a stunning clear tent and the addition of a full-time venue manager. The Casual Cafe emerged to satiate hungry travelers, offering delectable farm-to-table cuisine alongside a curated selection of Virginia beverages.

As Grelen's natural beauty enchanted more visitors, a public 6-mile trail system, Grelen Trails, was unveiled in 2014. Today, Grelen continues to flourish as a sanctuary of growth, beauty, and community, inviting all to experience the wonders of nature and hospitality.





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